Friday, 5 September 2008

Reading a chapter, buying a book

Penguin Group is a one of the most important trade book publisher. It plays a leading role in publishing in the USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa and China.

Penguin Tasters is a useful application which you can only find at the UK website. Internet users are able to read and print out the first chapter of a huge number of books. This is an advantage for reader because there is no need of buying a copy without having any knowledge of the product.

Here there are some books whose first chapter you can read:

  • - Fallen Angel (Kevin Lewis)
    Father Patrick Connelly, the stooped and elderly incumbent of the church of St Andrew's in Peckham High Street, was uncomfortably warm as he hurried along the path towards his place of worship.
  • - Life Class (Pat Barker)
    They'd been drawing for over half an hour. There was no sound except for the slurring of pencils on Michelet paper or the barely perceptible squeak of charcoal. At the centre of the circle of students, close to the dais, a stove cast a barred red light on to the floor.
  • - Gypsy (Lesley Pearse)
    'Stop playing that Devil's music and come and help me,' Alice Bolton yelled angrily from the kitchen. Fifteen-year-old Beth smirked at her mother's description of her fiddle playing and was tempted to continue louder and wilder.
  • - Secret Servant (Daniel Silva)
    It was Professor Solomon Rosner who sounded the first alarm, though his name would never be linked to the affair except in the secure rooms of a drab office building in downtown Tel Aviv.
  • - Got You Back (Jane Fallon)
    Stephanie closed her eyes and held out her hands, her son's almost uncontrollable excitement rubbing off on her and making her feel like a child again herself. It was hard to believe it had been nine years.

Have a try. Reading a chapter can mean buying later a good book indeed.

© Cristina Fuster Bertrand


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