Thursday, 16 October 2008

Penguin Tasters

You can read an extract of a book thanks to Penguin Tasters. These are the novels whose first chapter you can download:

- The Birthday Present by Barbara Vine: Thirty-three is the age we shall all be when we meet in heaven because Christ was thirty-three when he died. It's an interesting idea. One can't help thinking that the people who invent these things chose it because it's an ideal age, no longer one's first youth but not ageing either.
The Chase by Clive Cussler: It rose from the depths like an evil monster in a Mesozoic sea. A coat of green slime covered the cab and boiler while gray-brown silt from the lake bottom slid and fell off the eighty-one-inch drive wheels and splashed into the cold waters of the lake.
The Believers by Zoë Heller: At a party in a bedsit just off Gower Street, a young woman stood alone at the window, her elbows pinned to her sides in an attempt to hide the dark flowers of perspiration blossoming at the armholes of her dress.
Life Begins by Amanda Brookfield: I sit where only the tips of the waves can reach, slapping my palms at the foamy water. The sand is gritty between my toes, the ties of my sun bonnet tight under my chin. Big hands scoop me high. My father's face is close, leathered and smiling, his blue eyes sharp against his tan.

© Cristina Fuster Bertrand

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