Monday, 18 May 2009

Dramedy Music

There is a CD I like listening to because it makes feel good though some lyrics are a bit sad. On the other hand, it also calls for my muse of inspiration and who tells me to write some screenplays. I am writing about Leave The Room, the debut album of Nina McCann.

I've been listening to her music from time to time for years so I decided to interview her. I contacted her manager, Carlos Tilbury, and she agreed on this interview. I thank them for their respectives collaborations.

Shining Desk: What do you do for a living?
Nina McCann: I work for a security distribution company.

SD: Leave The Room is your debut album. How did you feel when it was finally released?
Nina McCann: Relieved! It was hard work and enduring because it was self produced in effect in a small home studio and most importantly I had to learn a lot as recording was totally new to me…so everything on that album was a learning process, writing/recording it was self exploration if you like!

SD: What does music give you?
NM: Feeling, it moves me.

SD: Where do you get inspiration from?
NM: Looking inwards, it’s a wonderful therapy for me, pulling out anything that’s surfacing and perhaps want to have a say…its all very deep isn’t it, by the way I do have a sense of humour :0)

SD: What music do you like?
NM: Anything really that I like the sound of.

SD: Dodgem Music Management is an independent company run by Carlos Tilbury. How did you get support from him?
NM: We’re old friends so it was all set up with the understanding between us that it would act as a body to hopefully protect me and my music.

SD: What is the main purpose with this CD?
NM: To circulate my music globally and achieve some kind of recognition.

SD: I, as a user, usually pay attention to the music and after that I listen to the lyrics. There are different ways of creating a song. You can have a melody come to your mind and then you develop the writing or the other way around. How is your creative process?
NM: Yeah mine is always the music first, it’s the melody first then I build around that, lyrics are always last.

SD: In your song The One I Know on the one hand your music makes me feel good, but, on the other hand, the story seems a bit sad. If I have the story right, it is about a lonely person who wants love. Where were you when this story came to your mind?
NM: Yeah my music is a bit like that, I understand the sadness mixed with the feel good melody sometimes but that’s just how my heart and mind works and I feel that people or the public would understand that life is full of highs and lows know matter how differently each of us chooses to process those feelings through out life. So the song is basically running back to someone…be it friend or lover…but the relationship is a double edge sword.

SD: Which song of Leave The Room do you like most?
NM: Walk on be free.

SD: Is there going to be produced a second album?
NM: Yeah Im working on one right now, its more like an E.P., no title yet!

SD: What would you say to a person who wants to get produced his/her first music record?
NM: Well I was lucky and met someone with a studio, so maybe try to purchase home recording equipment or find a reliable affordable company…easier said than done.

SD: Is there anything else you would like to say?
NM: No not really only to thank everybody that supports me…it means a lot…and thanks to you of course.

© Cristina Fuster Bertrand

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