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I read this book just because it's written by Marian Keyes. This book is about literary agents and authors. You can learn a bit about the publishing process.

There are three main characters:

- Gemma, a woman whose ex-boyfriend is happily living with her ex-best friend Lily. But what Gemma doesn't know is that she will get published.

- Jojo Harvey, literary agent of Gemma (and Lily).

- Lily, an author whose fist book is a success.

You can also find in this novel other topics like loyalty, friendship, love, forgiveness,...

Personal opinion: I like this book because it is well written, the story is set in the publishing business and the characters seem real people.


Jojo Harvey is a literary agent whose star is on the rise. In love with both her married boss and her burgeoning career, not much distracts her. Until she finds herself representing two women who used to be best friends. One of them, Gemma, has suddenly found herself from a broken home - at the age of thirty-two. Meanwhile, Lily - the woman Gemma has always blamed for stealing her one chance of happiness - is enjoying the overnight success of her debut novel. Set in the world of publishing, 'The Other Side of the Story' is about love, loyalty, glass ceilings and survival tactics - and what to do when you get your chance for revenge.


More about the characters:

Jojo Harvey is a literary agent, with the body of Jessica Rabbit and a mind like a steel trap. She's energetic and sexy (but because she's overweight, women like her too.) She has her eye on a partnership at work, but the arrival of Richie Gant (Skanky Boy' to his enemies) puts that into doubt.

One of Jojo's clients is Lily Wright, who wrote a serious worthy book she couldn't get arrested with. Then she got mugged and wrote a sweet fable to cheer herself up; to everyone's surprise it became a runaway bestseller. Now she's trying to write a second book and getting nowhere. (Her editor half-wishes someone would mug her again.) And she must write that book because she's already spent the money Anton, the Love of Her Life persuaded her to buy their dream house on the strength of future earnings.

Gemma Hogan works as an events organiser. She used to be friends with Lily, until Lily stole Anton, also the Love of Her Life. Just when she thinks life can't get any worse, her elderly Dad leaves her elderly mother. Gemma sends e-mails of the mortifying situation to her friend Suzanne, who thinks they're so funny, she sends them to a literary agent the only one she's ever heard of Jojo Harvey. Who takes her on.


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