Thursday, 25 February 2010

Book releases

Title: Fantasy in Death (In Death Series #30)
Author: J. D. Robb
Synopsis: In the latest novel from #1 New York Times-bestselling author J.D. Robb, it is game over for the criminals pursued by NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas. Bart Minnock, founder of the computer-gaming giant U-Play, enters his private playroom, and eagerly can't wait to lose himself in an imaginary world, to play the role of a sword-wielding warrior king, in his company's latest top-secret project, Fantastical. The next morning, he is found in the same locked room, in a pool of blood, his head separated from his body. It is the most puzzling case Eve Dallas has ever faced, and it is not a game. . . . NYPSD Lieutenant Eve Dallas is having as much trouble figuring out how Bart Minnock was murdered as who did the murdering. The victim's girlfriend seems sincerely grief-stricken, and his quirky-but-brilliant partners at U-Play appear equally shocked. No one seemed to have a prob¡lem with the enthusiastic, high-spirited millionaire. Of course, success can attract jealousy, and gaming, like any business, has its fierce rivalries and dirty tricks-as Eve's husband, Roarke, one of U- Play's competitors, knows well. But Minnock was not naive, and quite capable of fighting back in the real world as well as the virtual one. Eve and her team are about to enter the next level of police work, in a world where fantasy is the ultimate seduction-and the price of defeat is death. . . .

Publishers Weekly
Lt. Eve Dallas, a top homicide cop for the New York Police and Security Department (the law enforcement agency for a mid 21st-century New York City), faces one of the more challenging cases of her career in bestseller Robb's exciting 31st “in death” novel (after Kindred in Death). When someone cuts off the head of Bart Minnock, the genius founder of the computer gaming company U-Play, apparently while he was role-playing against an imaginary opponent in a prototype of a fantasy adventure that could rock the industry, Eve investigates. Security logs show no one entered Minnock's building around the time of his murder, presenting a futuristic variation on the classic locked-room mystery. Aided by her husband, Roarke, who was a potential business rival of the victim, Dallas focuses on who would benefit from Minnock's death. Robb is the pseudonym of romantic suspense author Nora Roberts. (Feb.)

Title: Big Girl
Author: Danielle Steel
Synopsis: In this heartfelt and incisive new novel, Danielle Steel celebrates the virtues of unconventional beauty while exploring deeply resonant issues of weight, self-image, sisterhood, and family.
A chubby little girl with blond hair, blue eyes, and ordinary looks, Victoria Dawson has always felt out of place in her family, especially in body-conscious L.A. Her father, Jim, is tall and slender, and her mother, Christina, is a fine-boned, dark-haired beauty. Both are self-centered, outspoken, and disappointed by their daughter’s looks. When Victoria is six, she sees a photograph of Queen Victoria, and her father has always said she looks just like her. After the birth of Victoria’s perfect younger sister, Gracie, her father liked to refer to his firstborn as “our tester cake.” With Gracie, everyone agreed that Jim and Christina got it right.
While her parents and sister can eat anything and not gain an ounce, Victoria must watch everything she eats, as well as endure her father’s belittling comments about her body and see her academic achievements go unacknowledged. Ice cream and oversized helpings of all the wrong foods give her comfort, but only briefly. The one thing she knows is that she has to get away from home, and after college in Chicago, she moves to New York City.
Landing her dream job as a high school teacher, Victoria loves working with her students and wages war on her weight at the gym. Despite tension with her parents, Victoria remains close to her sister. And though they couldn’t be more different in looks, they love each other unconditionally. But regardless of heraccomplishments, Victoria’s parents know just what to say to bring her down. She will always be her father’s “big girl,” and her mother’s constant disapproval is equally unkind.
When Grace announces her engagement to a man who is an exact replica of their narcissistic father, Victoria worries about her sister’s future happiness, and with no man of her own, she feels like a failure once again. As the wedding draws near, a chance encounter, an act of stunning betrayal, and a family confrontation lead to a turning point.
Behind Victoria is a lifetime of hurt and neglect she has tried to forget, and even ice cream can no longer dull the pain. Ahead is a challenge and a risk: to accept herself as she is, celebrate it, and claim the victories she has fought so hard for and deserves. Big girl or not, she is terrific and discovers that herself.

Publishers Weekly
Household name Steel (Going Home) falls short of her best in her latest. Victoria Dawson has always felt like an outcast. When her little sister Grace is born, father Jim tells Victoria she was the “tester cake,” and they finally got it right with the beautiful Gracie. Victoria grows up in her sister’s shadow, and though she loves Gracie dearly, she’s anxious to leave home. The pain doesn’t stop there, though. Her father calls her first job at a prestigious private school in Manhattan “pathetic,” and Victoria begins a battle with her weight and her belief that she is unlovable (even though men pursue her). The premise of the story is sound, but it doesn’t ring true: the parents are two-dimensional, cruel monsters and Victoria seems to have everything: fantastic job, amazing apartment, perfect best friends. It’s hard to believe that her parents would still wield such power. Steel barely grazes the surface of an important topic, but it’s not reality that has positioned her at the top of bestseller lists. (Mar.)

Title: Split Image (Jesse Stone Series #9)
Author: Robert B. Parker
Synopsis: Family ties prove deadly in the brilliant new Jesse Stone novel from New York Times-bestselling author Robert B. Parker.
The body in the trunk was just the beginning.
Turns out the stiff was a foot soldier for local tough guy Reggie Galen, now enjoying a comfortable "retirement" with his beauti­ful wife, Rebecca, in the nicest part of Paradise. Living next door are Knocko Moynihan and his wife, Robbie, who also happens to be Rebecca's twin. But what initially appears to be a low-level mob hit takes on new meaning when a high-ranking crime figure is found dead on Paradise Beach.
Stressed by the case, his failed relationship with his ex-wife, and his ongoing battle with the bottle, Jesse needs something to keep him from spinning out of control. When private investigator Sunny Randall comes into town on a case, she asks for Jesse's help. As their professional and personal relationships become intertwined, both Jesse and Sunny realize that they have much in common with both their victims and their suspects-and with each other.

Publishers Weekly
Bestseller Parker's enjoyable ninth novel featuring Paradise, Mass., police chief Jesse Stone (after Night and Day), focuses on Stone's deepening connection with PI Sunny Randall, the star of her own series (Spare Change, etc.). Both Jesse and Sunny are still recovering from failed relationships, and Parker does a nice job of integrating their separate therapy sessions (in Sunny's case, with Susan Silverman, the significant other of Parker's best-known detective, Spenser) with two criminal investigations. The parents of 18-year-old Cheryl DeMarco ask Sunny for help in getting Cheryl out of a religious cult, while Stone probes the gunshot murder of Petrov Ognowski, a mob soldier whose boss, Reggie Galen, is the next-door neighbor of another gangster. Neither case is particularly compelling on its own, but they effectively serve as plot devices for the main characters to understand more about themselves and each other. (Feb.)

Title: Apple Turnover Murder (Hannah Swensen Series #13)
Author: Joanne Fluke
Synopsis: It's June in Lake Eden, Minnesota, and for Hannah Swensen, that means bridal showers galore, plus a massive fundraising event in need of confections—not to mention a killer who never learned that charity begins at home...
Early summer brings plenty of work for Hannah, even before Mayor Bascomb's wife drops by The Cookie Jar to place an order ...for eleven-hundred cookies! Stephanie Bascomb is organizing an elaborate three-day event to support local charities, and though it's a worthy cause, Hannah almost flips when her business partner, Lisa, suggests setting up an apple turnover stand. Hannah's never made a turnover—but, pushover that she is, she places her faith in Lisa's mother-in-law's recipe and agrees to be a magician's assistant in the fundraiser's talent show...
Dozens of pastries and one hideous purple dress later, Hannah has to admit that stepping out of her comfort zone has been fun as well as profitable. The only snag is the show's host, community college professor Bradford Ramsey. Hannah and her younger sister Michelle each had unfortunate romantic relationships with Ramsey, and when the cad comes sniffing around between acts, Hannah tells him off. But when the curtain doesn't go up, she discovers Ramsey backstage—dead as a doornail with a turnover in his hand...
Now, to protect her reputation and Michelle's, Hannah must get to the bottom of the professor's bitter end. There are plenty of scorned suspects, including an ex-wife who feels cheated in more ways than one, and a prominent local who may have been using Ramsey to avenge her own randy spouse. But who was unstable enough to snuff out Professor Love? A killer who's flakier than puffpastry—and far more dangerous...
Includes Over Ten Cookie and Dessert Recipes!

Publishers Weekly

Cozy fans will welcome bestseller Fluke's charming 13th Hannah Swensen mystery (after 2009's Plum Pudding Murder). Hannah is working long hours at her bakery, the Cookie Jar, in Lake Eden, Minn., as well as dating two men, dentist Norman Rhodes and local sheriff Mike Kingston. Her personal life gets more complicated with the reappearance of Bradford Ramsey, a college professor with whom Hannah had a brief fling when she was a naïve graduate student. Hannah hopes ladies' man Bradford has forgotten the embarrassing episode. When Hannah winds up serving as a magician's assistant for a charity show, she has the misfortune to find Bradford, the show's host, backstage “stone cold dead.” With her usual wit and flair, amateur sleuth Hannah narrows down the list of suspects in Bradford's murder, but can she catch the culprit before she becomes the next victim? Scrumptious recipes include mocha nut butterballs and chocolate marshmallow cookie bars. Author tour. (Mar.)

Title: Black Magic Sanction (Rachel Morgan Series #8)
Author: Kim Harrison
Synopsis: In New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison's most complex and nuanced adventure yet, bounty hunter and witch Rachel Morgan fights a deadly battle—mind, body, and soul
Black Magic Sanction
Rachel Morgan has fought and hunted vampires, werewolves, banshees, demons, and other supernatural dangers as both witch and bounty hunter—and lived to tell the tale. But she's never faced off against her own kind . . . until now. Denounced and shunned for dealing with demons and black magic, her best hope is life imprisonment—at worst, a forced lobotomy and genetic slavery. Only her enemies are strong enough to help her win her freedom, but trust comes hard when it hinges on the unscrupulous tycoon Trent Kalamack, the demon Algaliarept, and an ex-boyfriend turned thief.
It takes a witch to catch a witch, but survival bears a heavy price.

Publishers Weekly

The eighth bewitching but overly dense Hollows adventure (after 2009’s White Witch, Black Curse) updates the travails of Rachel Morgan, delectable magical jack of all trades. Having recently learned that Rachel is a witch-born demon whose children would be demons, a white magic coven is shunning her and accusing her of black magic. They offer her a terrible choice: sterilization or imprisonment in Alcatraz. Trent Kalamack, drug lord and elf in hiding, offers to get the coven off her back, but her double-crossing “ex-rat ex-boyfriend,” Nick, shows up and lands her in more hot water. As Rachel battles those she thought were on her side, her survival depends on a paranormal cornucopia of elves, demons, vampires, gargoyles, pixies, and even a leprechaun. This thrill ride celebrates the can-do spirit of one of urban fantasy’s most charming witches. (Mar.)

Source: Barnes & Noble

Friday, 19 February 2010

Books about self-publishing

If you are thinking about self-publishing but you are doubtful, perhaps you should read some books about this topic

Title: The Self-Publishing Manual: How to Write, Print, and Sell Your Own Book, 14th Edition
Author: Dan Poynter
Follow the author's step-by-step advice on how to produce a commercially-successful book, get it into print quickly and easily, and learn the basics of book distribution through this fine guide. You have to do it all yourself, of course: but that's the purpose of a guide which tells how to not only break into print; but how to exploit the special strengths of self-publishing. -- Midwest Book Review --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Source: Amazon

Title: 2009 How to Publish, Promote, & Sell Your Own Book: The insider's guide to everything you need to know about self-publishing from pasteup to publicity
Author: Robert L. Holt
Editorial Reviews:
From Publishers Weekly
Although some notable titles on the subject exist (including Dan Poynter's The Self-Publishing Manual and Marilyn and Tom Ross's Complete Guide to Self-Publishing), Holt presents a worthy addition that should not be overlooked by aspiring writer-publishers. A successful self-publisher of self-help books (which he later sold for reprint to major houses), he offers a solid grounding in editorial, production and marketing basics, and provides tips to aid neophytes avoid common pitfalls. He is especially attentive to the more delicate stages of the self-publication process: how to work with a printer (and save money doing it), create an attractive cover, price the book, etc. The sections on marketing and on selling reprint rights are particularly valuable. Holt's lucid writing and businesslike approach will appeal to many. December
Copyright 1985 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
From Library Journal
This operating manual offers clear technical information to anyone in the publishing business, but the emphasis on quality and the presumed goal of finding a major publisher will discourage novices who have delusions of easy fame. Sprinkled with examples from experience, the advice on editing and preparing a manuscript is direct and concise, as are the checklists and up-to-date formulas for tabulating costs. Sections on how to write query letters, find an agent, get along with an editor, generate reviews and publicity, and negotiate a contract will be valuable to any writer. Self-published in 1982, this book in its revised edition surpasses similar works for readability and organization, though much of the information is available elsewhere, chiefly in The Self-Publishing Manual by Dan Poynter (Para Publishing, 1984, rev. ed.). Leonard Kniffel, Detroit P.L.
Copyright 1986 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Source: Amazon

Title: Publish It Yourself: Five Easy Steps to Getting Your Book in Print
Author: Alton Pryor
Alton Pryor has come up with a "nuts and bolts" handbook for authors who want to try self-publishing. -- Jim Hayes, writing coach for Los Angeles Times
Product Description
In easy to understand terms, Publish It Yourself explains the steps needed to get a manuscript into print.

Source: Amazon

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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Publish your book

As I told you in the previous post, I am looking for a literary agent. If I get one, I hope everything would go fine with publishing companies.

Some of you may think I can't get an agent unless I already have a contact or I have published a bestseller. Well, I don't have a contact (I wouldn't be looking for anybody) nor I have published a book yet.

So, will I get an agent? We'll see. Nevertheless, I have thought of another way of getting published which you may find interesting and I want to share with you.

Some of you, apart from reading books, take your time in writing. Maybe you want to publish your stories. If you have knocked on the door of literary agents and publishing companies, and you just have heard answers like "We don't accept more manuscripts", "We don't take more people", "Your books is not good enough for us", "We like it but...."; it is the time to think about it:

1. Do you really think your book is good? If you think so, keep reading the post. If not, read again the mail you got from the publishers, agents and try to get the best of it.

2. You have contacted agents and publishing companies from your country, what about other countries? If your book is in English or Spanish, there are more doors to knock.

3. If you have tried the previous idea, there is another way which might interest you: self-publishing. There are a lot of webs in this business.

I have gathered some web addresses for those people who are thinking in self-publishing. I hope it is useful for you.

In English

- Author Crossing
- Author House
- Be Published (I don't recommend it)
- BlogBinders (if you want to transform the posts of your blog in book)
- Blurb
- Book Surge
- CafePress
- CBH Books
- CreateSpace
- InstantPublisher
- Morris Publishing
- Self Publishing
- We book
- Xlibris (I don't recommend it)

Interesting article (in English):

- 6 Ways to Publish Your Own Book

In Spanish

- Aldevara (I don't recommend this web)
- Bubok
- Ciberautores
- Edición personal
- Ediciones Tucci
- Haz tu libro
- Impresión digital
- Lulu
- Obsidiana Press
- Publica tu libro
- Publidisa
- TsEdi, Teleservicios Editoriales
- UniBook
- Yo escribo

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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Literary Agents

Nowadays I am looking for a literary agent because I have a play I want to get published. It's written in English for people who are learning English. A literary agent, for those who may not know anything about this job, is a person who represents writers, contacts with publishing companies and tries to get the best deal for the writer.

In Spain, literary agents are not very known. A writer who wants to be published for the first time usually sends a copy of the manuscript to several publishing companies. I knew about literary agents because I wrote to several publishers and Penguin Books replied back and told me to look for an agent. Some months ago I read the book The Other Side of the Story by Marian Keyes and it gave me more information about this kind of business.

Anyway, these are some books about this topic. Writing.Com recommends these books

Title: Making the Perfect Pitch: How To Catch a Literary Agent's Eye
Author: Katharine Sands
Here's a very useful book for first-time writers. Most how-to books for writers deal with this important subject (finding an agent) in a chapter or two, but Sands, a literary agent in New York, shows that there's a lot more to it than one might expect. Drawing on the experience of a variety of agents (plus one copywriter), she demonstrates that finding an agent involves finding the perfect match between author and representative, between material and market. Think it's easy to write a query letter? Think again: agents get a lot of mail, and you only have one chance to get their attention. Think it's easy to put together a book proposal? Try it sometime, but try not to be too wordy, or too self-promoting, or too been-there-done-that. Do your homework, Sands stresses: don't pitch a genre novel to an agent who deals primarily in nonfiction; do know what other books cover the same ground as yours. But, above all, do read this book, which should teach you pretty much everything you'll need to know. David Pitt
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved
Source: Amazon

Title: 2009 Guide To Literary Agents
Author: Chuck Sambuchino
Product Description:
Now, more than ever, in a market glutted with aspiring writers and a shrinking number of publishing houses, writers need someone familiar with the publishing scene to shepherd their manuscript to the right person. Completely updated annually, Guide to Literary Agents provides names and specialties for more than 800 individual agents around the United States and the world. The 2009 edition includes more than 85 pages of original articles on everything writers need to know including how to submit to agents, how to avoid scams and what an agent can do for their clients.
About the Author:
In addition to editing Guide to Literary Agents, Chuck Sambuchino is assistant editor of Writer’s Market. He’s also a former staffer on Writer's Digest magazine, a magazine freelancer, a produced playwright and award-winning journalist.
Source: Amazon

Title: How to Get a Literary Agent
Author: Michael Larsen
Product Description:
Written by a top literary agent who gives writers an insider's view of how to find and work with an agent throughout the process of getting published. Includes:
-- How to know that you're ready for an agent
-- 7 ways to find an agent
-- Writing a cover letter that grabs attention
-- What to do with an agent once you've got one
-- What you can expect and what you'd better not hope for
-- Making sure this is the right agent for you
-- Congratulations, now you have an agent AND an editor
-- How to avoid the 7 worst pitfalls for aspiring writers
-- And much, much more.
In today's highly competitive publishing industry, literary agents are more important than ever. Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, reference or children's books, here is everything you need to know about using an agent to launch and sustain your literary career.
About the Author
Michael Larsen, PhD is the co-founder of the Larsen/Pomada Literary Agency in San Francisco, California. He speaks and teaches around the country on writing, agenting and the publishing industry. Larsen is the author or co-author of eleven books and has represented dozens of successful authors in their literary careers. He lives in San Francisco, California.
Source: Amazon

Title: Literary Agents: What They Do, How They Do It, and How to Find and Work with the Right One for You, Revised and Expanded
Author: Michael Larsen
Product Description:
"Chock-full of delicious, wise, witty, and often laugh-out-loud quotes about the writer's life, the editor's life, the agent's life.... It's absolutely the last word on literary agents." —Richard Curtis, Richard Curtis Associates
"Snappy, nuts-and-bolts guide to the world of literary agents, with lots of practical tips." —Library Journal
"Larsen's useful guide provides needed understanding of the world of literary agents."—Booklist
In this revised and expanded edition of his acclaimed guide, veteran literary agent Michael Larsen gives you an illuminating, insider's look into the world of literary agents. Here are all the facts you need to find and work with the one that can launch your writing career, including:
* How to contact an agent
* Why agents are so important in today's publishing world
* How agents transform writers into authors
* What you can do to make yourself irresistible to agents and publishers
* How agents make money for authors
* How to decipher agency agreements and book contracts
* When it's time to change agents—and how to do it
From the Publisher:
Using a snappy straightforward style the author, co-founder of San Francisco's oldest literary agency, answers all of the questions beginning writers have about what agents do and how to work with them. For each topic Larsen provides hands-on information regarding the practical concerns of writers--how to contact an agent, format proposals, understand agency agreements and book contracts, etc. This updated edition includes the latest trends in writing, publishing and agenting that writers need to know in order to get their books published successfully.
Source: Amazon

Title: Author 101: Bestselling Secrets from Top Agents
Authors: Rick Frishman, Robyn Freedman Spizman and Mark Steisel
Product Description:
You're passionate about your book. You're determined to get it published, but you just can't seem to do it by yourself. You need an ally. You need a champion. You need an agent.
Enter Rick Frishman and Robyn Freedman Spizman, with this second volume in the AUTHOR 101 series. In Bestselling Secrets from Top Agents, writing gurus Rick and Robyn reveal what makes a good agent, what a good agent will and wonít do for you, and how to find the right type of agent - not just for your first book, but for your entire career.
"If you want to become a published author, the first step is buying Robyn and Rick's book. Loaded with practical, easy-to-follow insider advice, this book shows readers how to write a winning book proposal. Highly recommended!" --Lloyd J. Jassin, publishing attorney and author
"Bottom line: this is the volume I recommend to my clients" --Don Gastwirth, literary agent
"I've been in the book writing, publishing, and promoting business more than thirty-five years, so take it from me. Don't think about becoming an author without reading the Author 101 series. These books are well-researched, helpful, and will save you endless time, money, and energy." --Dan Poynter, The Self-Publishing Manual,
About the Author:
Rick Frishman is president of Planned Television Arts and one of the most powerful publicists in the media industry, working with authors such as Arnold Palmer, Alan Dershowitz, and Henry Kissinger. Also executive vice president at Ruder Finn, this top-notch publicist has worked with the field's top agents, editors, and publishers, including Simon and Schuster, Random House, Harper Collins, Pocket Books, Penguin Putnam, and Hyperion Books. Plus, he tours the country hosting seminars on how to help writers sell their books. Starting in 2006, he joins coauthor Spizman to travel the country under the banner of Author 101 University ( Frishman is also the coauthor of Networking Magic, Guerrilla Publicity, and Guerrilla Marketing for Writers (published by Writer's Digest Books). Visit for his Million Dollar Rolodex.
Robyn Freedman Spizman is no stranger to success. As an award-winning author, she has written dozens of inspirational and educational nonfiction books during her accomplished career, including Make It Memorable, When Words Matter Most, GIFTionary, and The Thank You Book. She also coauthored the Women for Hire series (with Tory Johnson) and this year debuted her first work of fiction for young readers, titled Secret Agent (with Mark Johnston). As a seasoned media personality and consumer advocate for more than twenty-three years, she has appeared repeatedly on NBC's Today, CNN, and is featured regularly on the NBC Atlanta affiliate WXIA and Star 94. A sought-after speaker on book-writing and motivational topics, Spizman is considered one of the most dynamic how-to experts in the country. In addition to her writing, reporting, and speaking, she is also the cofounder of The Spizman Agency, a highly successful public relations firm that specializes in experts and book publicity. Visit for more information.
Source: Amazon

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Monday, 8 February 2010

82nd Annual Academy Awards

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences


Performance by an actor in a leading role

  • Jeff Bridges in "Crazy Heart" (Fox Searchlight)

  • George Clooney in "Up in the Air" (Paramount in association with Cold Spring Pictures and DW Studios)

  • Colin Firth in "A Single Man" (The Weinstein Company)

  • Morgan Freeman in "Invictus" (Warner Bros.)

  • Jeremy Renner in "The Hurt Locker" (Summit Entertainment)

Performance by an actor in a supporting role

  • Matt Damon in "Invictus" (Warner Bros.)

  • Woody Harrelson in "The Messenger" (Oscilloscope Laboratories)

  • Christopher Plummer in "The Last Station" (Sony Pictures Classics)

  • Stanley Tucci in "The Lovely Bones" (DreamWorks in association with Film4, Distributed by Paramount)

  • Christoph Waltz in "Inglourious Basterds" (The Weinstein Company)

Performance by an actress in a leading role

  • Sandra Bullock in "The Blind Side" (Warner Bros.)

  • Helen Mirren in "The Last Station" (Sony Pictures Classics)

  • Carey Mulligan in "An Education" (Sony Pictures Classics)

  • Gabourey Sidibe in "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire" (Lionsgate)

  • Meryl Streep in "Julie & Julia" (Sony Pictures Releasing)

Performance by an actress in a supporting role

  • Penélope Cruz in "Nine" (The Weinstein Company)

  • Vera Farmiga in "Up in the Air" (Paramount in association with Cold Spring Pictures and DW Studios)

  • Maggie Gyllenhaal in "Crazy Heart" (Fox Searchlight)

  • Anna Kendrick in "Up in the Air" (Paramount in association with Cold Spring Pictures and DW Studios)

  • Mo'Nique in "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire" (Lionsgate)

Best animated feature film of the year

  • "Coraline" (Focus Features)Henry Selick

  • "Fantastic Mr. Fox" (20th Century Fox)Wes Anderson

  • "The Princess and the Frog" (Walt Disney)John Musker and Ron Clements

  • "The Secret of Kells" (GKIDS)Tomm Moore

  • "Up" (Walt Disney)Pete Docter

Achievement in art direction

  • "Avatar" (20th Century Fox)Art Direction: Rick Carter and Robert Stromberg
    Set Decoration: Kim Sinclair

  • "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" (Sony Pictures Classics)Art Direction: Dave Warren and Anastasia Masaro
    Set Decoration: Caroline Smith

  • "Nine" (The Weinstein Company)Art Direction: John Myhre
    Set Decoration: Gordon Sim

  • "Sherlock Holmes" (Warner Bros.)Art Direction: Sarah Greenwood
    Set Decoration: Katie Spencer

  • "The Young Victoria" (Apparition)Art Direction: Patrice Vermette
    Set Decoration: Maggie Gray

Achievement in cinematography

  • "Avatar" (20th Century Fox)Mauro Fiore

  • "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" (Warner Bros.)Bruno Delbonnel

  • "The Hurt Locker" (Summit Entertainment)Barry Ackroyd

  • "Inglourious Basterds" (The Weinstein Company)Robert Richardson

  • "The White Ribbon" (Sony Pictures Classics)Christian Berger

Achievement in costume design

  • "Bright Star" (Apparition)Janet Patterson

  • "Coco before Chanel" (Sony Pictures Classics)Catherine Leterrier

  • "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" (Sony Pictures Classics)Monique Prudhomme

  • "Nine" (The Weinstein Company)Colleen Atwood

  • "The Young Victoria" (Apparition)Sandy Powell

Achievement in directing

  • "Avatar" (20th Century Fox)James Cameron

  • "The Hurt Locker" (Summit Entertainment)Kathryn Bigelow

  • "Inglourious Basterds" (The Weinstein Company)Quentin Tarantino

  • "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire" (Lionsgate)Lee Daniels

  • "Up in the Air" (Paramount in association with Cold Spring Pictures and DW Studios)Jason Reitman

Best documentary feature

  • "Burma VJ" (Oscilloscope Laboratories)
    A Magic Hour Films Production
    Anders Østergaard and Lise Lense-Møller

  • "The Cove" (Roadside Attractions)
    An Oceanic Preservation Society Production
    Nominees to be determined

  • "Food, Inc." (Magnolia Pictures)
    A Robert Kenner Films Production
    Robert Kenner and Elise Pearlstein

  • "The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers"
    A Kovno Communications Production
    Judith Ehrlich and Rick Goldsmith

  • "Which Way Home"
    A Mr. Mudd Production
    Rebecca Cammisa

Best documentary short subject

  • "China's Unnatural Disaster: The Tears of Sichuan Province"
    A Downtown Community Television Center Production
    Jon Alpert and Matthew O'Neill

  • "The Last Campaign of Governor Booth Gardner"
    A Just Media Production
    Daniel Junge and Henry Ansbacher

  • "The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant"
    A Community Media Production
    Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert

  • "Music by Prudence"
    An iThemba Production
    Roger Ross Williams and Elinor Burkett

  • "Rabbit à la Berlin" (Deckert Distribution)
    An MS Films Production
    Bartek Konopka and Anna Wydra

Achievement in film editing

  • "Avatar" (20th Century Fox)Stephen Rivkin, John Refoua and James Cameron

  • "District 9" (Sony Pictures Releasing)Julian Clarke

  • "The Hurt Locker" (Summit Entertainment)Bob Murawski and Chris Innis

  • "Inglourious Basterds" (The Weinstein Company)Sally Menke

  • "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire" (Lionsgate)Joe Klotz

Best foreign language film of the year

  • "Ajami"(Kino International)
    An Inosan Production

  • "El Secreto de Sus Ojos" (Sony Pictures Classics)
    A Haddock Films Production

  • "The Milk of Sorrow"
    A Wanda Visión/Oberon Cinematogràfica/Vela Production

  • "Un Prophète" (Sony Pictures Classics)
    A Why Not/Page 114/Chic Films Production

  • "The White Ribbon" (Sony Pictures Classics)
    An X Filme Creative Pool/Wega Film/Les Films du Losange/Lucky Red Production

Achievement in makeup

  • "Il Divo" (MPI Media Group through Music Box)Aldo Signoretti and Vittorio Sodano

  • "Star Trek" (Paramount and Spyglass Entertainment)Barney Burman, Mindy Hall and Joel Harlow

  • "The Young Victoria" (Apparition)Jon Henry Gordon and Jenny Shircore

Achievement in music written for motion pictures (Original score)

  • "Avatar" (20th Century Fox)James Horner

  • "Fantastic Mr. Fox" (20th Century Fox)Alexandre Desplat

  • "The Hurt Locker" (Summit Entertainment)Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders

  • "Sherlock Holmes" (Warner Bros.)Hans Zimmer

  • "Up" (Walt Disney)Michael Giacchino

Achievement in music written for motion pictures (Original song)

  • "Almost There" from "The Princess and the Frog" (Walt Disney)Music and Lyric by Randy Newman

  • "Down in New Orleans" from "The Princess and the Frog" (Walt Disney)Music and Lyric by Randy Newman

  • "Loin de Paname" from "Paris 36" (Sony Pictures Classics)Music by Reinhardt Wagner
    Lyric by Frank Thomas

  • "Take It All" from "Nine" (The Weinstein Company)Music and Lyric by Maury Yeston

  • "The Weary Kind (Theme from Crazy Heart)" from "Crazy Heart" (Fox Searchlight)Music and Lyric by Ryan Bingham and T Bone Burnett

Best motion picture of the year

  • "Avatar" (20th Century Fox)
    A Lightstorm Entertainment Production
    James Cameron and Jon Landau, Producers

  • "The Blind Side" (Warner Bros.)
    An Alcon Entertainment Production
    Nominees to be determined

  • "District 9" (Sony Pictures Releasing)
    A Block/Hanson Production
    Peter Jackson and Carolynne Cunningham, Producers

  • "An Education" (Sony Pictures Classics)
    A Finola Dwyer/Wildgaze Films Production
    Finola Dwyer and Amanda Posey, Producers

  • "The Hurt Locker" (Summit Entertainment)
    A Voltage Pictures Production
    Nominees to be determined

  • "Inglourious Basterds" (The Weinstein Company)
    A Weinstein Company/Universal Pictures/A Band Apart/Zehnte Babelsberg Production
    Lawrence Bender, Producer

  • "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire" (Lionsgate)
    A Lee Daniels Entertainment/Smokewood Entertainment Production
    Lee Daniels, Sarah Siegel-Magness and Gary Magness, Producers

  • "A Serious Man" (Focus Features)
    A Working Title Films Production
    Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, Producers

  • "Up" (Walt Disney)
    A Pixar Production
    Jonas Rivera, Producer

  • "Up in the Air" (Paramount in association with Cold Spring Pictures and DW Studios)
    A Montecito Picture Company Production
    Daniel Dubiecki, Ivan Reitman and Jason Reitman, Producers

Best animated short film

  • "French Roast"
    A Pumpkin Factory/Bibo Films Production
    Fabrice O. Joubert

  • "Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty" (Brown Bag Films)
    A Brown Bag Films Production
    Nicky Phelan and Darragh O'Connell

  • "The Lady and the Reaper (La Dama y la Muerte)"
    A Kandor Graphics and Green Moon Production
    Javier Recio Gracia

  • "Logorama" (Autour de Minuit)
    An Autour de Minuit Production
    Nicolas Schmerkin

  • "A Matter of Loaf and Death" (Aardman Animations)
    An Aardman Animations Production
    Nick Park

Best live action short film

  • "The Door" (Network Ireland Television)
    An Octagon Films Production
    Juanita Wilson and James Flynn

  • "Instead of Abracadabra" (The Swedish Film Institute)
    A Directörn & Fabrikörn Production
    Patrik Eklund and Mathias Fjellström

  • "Kavi"
    A Gregg Helvey Production
    Gregg Helvey

  • "Miracle Fish" (Premium Films)
    A Druid Films Production
    Luke Doolan and Drew Bailey

  • "The New Tenants"
    A Park Pictures and M & M Production
    Joachim Back and Tivi Magnusson

Achievement in sound editing

  • "Avatar" (20th Century Fox)Christopher Boyes and Gwendolyn Yates Whittle

  • "The Hurt Locker" (Summit Entertainment)Paul N.J. Ottosson

  • "Inglourious Basterds" (The Weinstein Company)Wylie Stateman

  • "Star Trek" (Paramount and Spyglass Entertainment)Mark Stoeckinger and Alan Rankin

  • "Up" (Walt Disney)Michael Silvers and Tom Myers

Achievement in sound mixing

  • "Avatar" (20th Century Fox)Christopher Boyes, Gary Summers, Andy Nelson and Tony Johnson

  • "The Hurt Locker" (Summit Entertainment)Paul N.J. Ottosson and Ray Beckett

  • "Inglourious Basterds" (The Weinstein Company)Michael Minkler, Tony Lamberti and Mark Ulano

  • "Star Trek" (Paramount and Spyglass Entertainment)Anna Behlmer, Andy Nelson and Peter J. Devlin

  • "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" (DreamWorks and Paramount in association with Hasbro, Distributed by Paramount)Greg P. Russell, Gary Summers and Geoffrey Patterson

Achievement in visual effects

  • "Avatar" (20th Century Fox)Joe Letteri, Stephen Rosenbaum, Richard Baneham and Andrew R. Jones

  • "District 9" (Sony Pictures Releasing)Dan Kaufman, Peter Muyzers, Robert Habros and Matt Aitken

  • "Star Trek" (Paramount and Spyglass Entertainment)Roger Guyett, Russell Earl, Paul Kavanagh and Burt Dalton

Adapted screenplay

  • "District 9" (Sony Pictures Releasing)Written by Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell

  • "An Education" (Sony Pictures Classics)Screenplay by Nick Hornby

  • "In the Loop" (IFC Films)Screenplay by Jesse Armstrong, Simon Blackwell, Armando Iannucci, Tony Roche

  • "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire" (Lionsgate)Screenplay by Geoffrey Fletcher

  • "Up in the Air" (Paramount in association with Cold Spring Pictures and DW Studios)Screenplay by Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner

Original screenplay

  • "The Hurt Locker" (Summit Entertainment)Written by Mark Boal

  • "Inglourious Basterds" (The Weinstein Company)Written by Quentin Tarantino

  • "The Messenger" (Oscilloscope Laboratories)Written by Alessandro Camon & Oren Moverman

  • "A Serious Man" (Focus Features)Written by Joel Coen & Ethan Coen

  • "Up" (Walt Disney)Screenplay by Bob Peterson, Pete Docter
    Story by Pete Docter, Bob Peterson, Tom McCarthy

Thursday, 4 February 2010

"The Pillars of the Earth" is being filmed

This is the information you can find on Ken Follett's website:

Filming of the eight-hour limited series of The Pillars of the Earth on location in Hungary and Austria is complete, and post-production is underway. Ian McShane, Donald Sutherland, Rufus Sewell, Matthew Macfadyen, Sarah Parish, Hayley Atwell, Eddie Redmayne and Gordon Pinsent headline the star-studded cast for the US$40-million adaptation.

The series is directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan (Heroes, Saving Grace, Into the West), and has been adapted by award-winning writer John Pielmeier (Emmy winner Hitler – The Rise of Evil and Emmy nominated The Memory Keeper’s Daughter), who also plays the role of 'Cuthbert'.

The series is being produced by Emmy and Golden Globe nominated Tandem Communications (Ring of the Nibelungs, Impact, Lost City Raiders) and multi award-winning Muse Entertainment (Human Trafficking, Tales from the Neverending Story, Durham County) in association with Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe nominated Scott Free Films (CBS’s series Numb3rs, Emmy nominated minis The Andromeda Strain and The Company).

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Films to be released in February (II)


Dear John

From Paris with Love

The Ghost Writer

Cop Out

Monday, 1 February 2010

Films to be released in February

The Wolfman

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Lightning Thief

Shutter Island

I Love You Phillip Morris

Valentine's Day

Happy Tears


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