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Literary Agents

Nowadays I am looking for a literary agent because I have a play I want to get published. It's written in English for people who are learning English. A literary agent, for those who may not know anything about this job, is a person who represents writers, contacts with publishing companies and tries to get the best deal for the writer.

In Spain, literary agents are not very known. A writer who wants to be published for the first time usually sends a copy of the manuscript to several publishing companies. I knew about literary agents because I wrote to several publishers and Penguin Books replied back and told me to look for an agent. Some months ago I read the book The Other Side of the Story by Marian Keyes and it gave me more information about this kind of business.

Anyway, these are some books about this topic. Writing.Com recommends these books

Title: Making the Perfect Pitch: How To Catch a Literary Agent's Eye
Author: Katharine Sands
Here's a very useful book for first-time writers. Most how-to books for writers deal with this important subject (finding an agent) in a chapter or two, but Sands, a literary agent in New York, shows that there's a lot more to it than one might expect. Drawing on the experience of a variety of agents (plus one copywriter), she demonstrates that finding an agent involves finding the perfect match between author and representative, between material and market. Think it's easy to write a query letter? Think again: agents get a lot of mail, and you only have one chance to get their attention. Think it's easy to put together a book proposal? Try it sometime, but try not to be too wordy, or too self-promoting, or too been-there-done-that. Do your homework, Sands stresses: don't pitch a genre novel to an agent who deals primarily in nonfiction; do know what other books cover the same ground as yours. But, above all, do read this book, which should teach you pretty much everything you'll need to know. David Pitt
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Title: 2009 Guide To Literary Agents
Author: Chuck Sambuchino
Product Description:
Now, more than ever, in a market glutted with aspiring writers and a shrinking number of publishing houses, writers need someone familiar with the publishing scene to shepherd their manuscript to the right person. Completely updated annually, Guide to Literary Agents provides names and specialties for more than 800 individual agents around the United States and the world. The 2009 edition includes more than 85 pages of original articles on everything writers need to know including how to submit to agents, how to avoid scams and what an agent can do for their clients.
About the Author:
In addition to editing Guide to Literary Agents, Chuck Sambuchino is assistant editor of Writer’s Market. He’s also a former staffer on Writer's Digest magazine, a magazine freelancer, a produced playwright and award-winning journalist.
Source: Amazon

Title: How to Get a Literary Agent
Author: Michael Larsen
Product Description:
Written by a top literary agent who gives writers an insider's view of how to find and work with an agent throughout the process of getting published. Includes:
-- How to know that you're ready for an agent
-- 7 ways to find an agent
-- Writing a cover letter that grabs attention
-- What to do with an agent once you've got one
-- What you can expect and what you'd better not hope for
-- Making sure this is the right agent for you
-- Congratulations, now you have an agent AND an editor
-- How to avoid the 7 worst pitfalls for aspiring writers
-- And much, much more.
In today's highly competitive publishing industry, literary agents are more important than ever. Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, reference or children's books, here is everything you need to know about using an agent to launch and sustain your literary career.
About the Author
Michael Larsen, PhD is the co-founder of the Larsen/Pomada Literary Agency in San Francisco, California. He speaks and teaches around the country on writing, agenting and the publishing industry. Larsen is the author or co-author of eleven books and has represented dozens of successful authors in their literary careers. He lives in San Francisco, California.
Source: Amazon

Title: Literary Agents: What They Do, How They Do It, and How to Find and Work with the Right One for You, Revised and Expanded
Author: Michael Larsen
Product Description:
"Chock-full of delicious, wise, witty, and often laugh-out-loud quotes about the writer's life, the editor's life, the agent's life.... It's absolutely the last word on literary agents." —Richard Curtis, Richard Curtis Associates
"Snappy, nuts-and-bolts guide to the world of literary agents, with lots of practical tips." —Library Journal
"Larsen's useful guide provides needed understanding of the world of literary agents."—Booklist
In this revised and expanded edition of his acclaimed guide, veteran literary agent Michael Larsen gives you an illuminating, insider's look into the world of literary agents. Here are all the facts you need to find and work with the one that can launch your writing career, including:
* How to contact an agent
* Why agents are so important in today's publishing world
* How agents transform writers into authors
* What you can do to make yourself irresistible to agents and publishers
* How agents make money for authors
* How to decipher agency agreements and book contracts
* When it's time to change agents—and how to do it
From the Publisher:
Using a snappy straightforward style the author, co-founder of San Francisco's oldest literary agency, answers all of the questions beginning writers have about what agents do and how to work with them. For each topic Larsen provides hands-on information regarding the practical concerns of writers--how to contact an agent, format proposals, understand agency agreements and book contracts, etc. This updated edition includes the latest trends in writing, publishing and agenting that writers need to know in order to get their books published successfully.
Source: Amazon

Title: Author 101: Bestselling Secrets from Top Agents
Authors: Rick Frishman, Robyn Freedman Spizman and Mark Steisel
Product Description:
You're passionate about your book. You're determined to get it published, but you just can't seem to do it by yourself. You need an ally. You need a champion. You need an agent.
Enter Rick Frishman and Robyn Freedman Spizman, with this second volume in the AUTHOR 101 series. In Bestselling Secrets from Top Agents, writing gurus Rick and Robyn reveal what makes a good agent, what a good agent will and wonít do for you, and how to find the right type of agent - not just for your first book, but for your entire career.
"If you want to become a published author, the first step is buying Robyn and Rick's book. Loaded with practical, easy-to-follow insider advice, this book shows readers how to write a winning book proposal. Highly recommended!" --Lloyd J. Jassin, publishing attorney and author
"Bottom line: this is the volume I recommend to my clients" --Don Gastwirth, literary agent
"I've been in the book writing, publishing, and promoting business more than thirty-five years, so take it from me. Don't think about becoming an author without reading the Author 101 series. These books are well-researched, helpful, and will save you endless time, money, and energy." --Dan Poynter, The Self-Publishing Manual,
About the Author:
Rick Frishman is president of Planned Television Arts and one of the most powerful publicists in the media industry, working with authors such as Arnold Palmer, Alan Dershowitz, and Henry Kissinger. Also executive vice president at Ruder Finn, this top-notch publicist has worked with the field's top agents, editors, and publishers, including Simon and Schuster, Random House, Harper Collins, Pocket Books, Penguin Putnam, and Hyperion Books. Plus, he tours the country hosting seminars on how to help writers sell their books. Starting in 2006, he joins coauthor Spizman to travel the country under the banner of Author 101 University ( Frishman is also the coauthor of Networking Magic, Guerrilla Publicity, and Guerrilla Marketing for Writers (published by Writer's Digest Books). Visit for his Million Dollar Rolodex.
Robyn Freedman Spizman is no stranger to success. As an award-winning author, she has written dozens of inspirational and educational nonfiction books during her accomplished career, including Make It Memorable, When Words Matter Most, GIFTionary, and The Thank You Book. She also coauthored the Women for Hire series (with Tory Johnson) and this year debuted her first work of fiction for young readers, titled Secret Agent (with Mark Johnston). As a seasoned media personality and consumer advocate for more than twenty-three years, she has appeared repeatedly on NBC's Today, CNN, and is featured regularly on the NBC Atlanta affiliate WXIA and Star 94. A sought-after speaker on book-writing and motivational topics, Spizman is considered one of the most dynamic how-to experts in the country. In addition to her writing, reporting, and speaking, she is also the cofounder of The Spizman Agency, a highly successful public relations firm that specializes in experts and book publicity. Visit for more information.
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Thanks for the shout-out. But if anyone is interested in the Guide to Literary Agents, I suggest getting the 2010 edition, which is out now and much more current. The 2011 edition drops around July 2010.

Chuck Sambuchino

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