Thursday, 18 February 2010

Publish your book

As I told you in the previous post, I am looking for a literary agent. If I get one, I hope everything would go fine with publishing companies.

Some of you may think I can't get an agent unless I already have a contact or I have published a bestseller. Well, I don't have a contact (I wouldn't be looking for anybody) nor I have published a book yet.

So, will I get an agent? We'll see. Nevertheless, I have thought of another way of getting published which you may find interesting and I want to share with you.

Some of you, apart from reading books, take your time in writing. Maybe you want to publish your stories. If you have knocked on the door of literary agents and publishing companies, and you just have heard answers like "We don't accept more manuscripts", "We don't take more people", "Your books is not good enough for us", "We like it but...."; it is the time to think about it:

1. Do you really think your book is good? If you think so, keep reading the post. If not, read again the mail you got from the publishers, agents and try to get the best of it.

2. You have contacted agents and publishing companies from your country, what about other countries? If your book is in English or Spanish, there are more doors to knock.

3. If you have tried the previous idea, there is another way which might interest you: self-publishing. There are a lot of webs in this business.

I have gathered some web addresses for those people who are thinking in self-publishing. I hope it is useful for you.

In English

- Author Crossing
- Author House
- Be Published (I don't recommend it)
- BlogBinders (if you want to transform the posts of your blog in book)
- Blurb
- Book Surge
- CafePress
- CBH Books
- CreateSpace
- InstantPublisher
- Morris Publishing
- Self Publishing
- We book
- Xlibris (I don't recommend it)

Interesting article (in English):

- 6 Ways to Publish Your Own Book

In Spanish

- Aldevara (I don't recommend this web)
- Bubok
- Ciberautores
- EdiciĆ³n personal
- Ediciones Tucci
- Haz tu libro
- ImpresiĆ³n digital
- Lulu
- Obsidiana Press
- Publica tu libro
- Publidisa
- TsEdi, Teleservicios Editoriales
- UniBook
- Yo escribo

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