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"Most Wanted" by Hilary Duff

Most Wanted. Hilary Duff. Shining Desk
Hilary Duff is a very known Disney actress and also a singer. I reccommend you to listen her album Most Wanted so that music is suitable when you are working and it has interesting lyrics.

It caught my attention the first lines of her song Wake Up because it seems she is talking about herself and her success.

There's people talking
They talk about me
They know my name
They think they know everything
But they don't know anything
About me

Love is part of this album. In The Getaway the boy she likes tells her he loves her but then he plays like he doesn't care about her. When she tries to forget him, he comes to her. Then she starts thinking and doesn't know what to do. I know some girls who have been in this situation.

Mr. James Dean is about a couple who break up. She breaks up with her boyfriend because she is fed up with his lies, she has already cried a lot and she has chosen to live her life again.

So don't call me friend
Cause you're nothing like me
Even when the world stop turning, the world stops turning
Now you move to the next town
Next set, next girl, have fun baby
I'm taking back my world

Breaking up also apppears in her song So Yesterday but this time it is kinder.

If it's over, let it go and
Come tomorrow it will seem
So yesterday, so yesterday
I'm just a bird that's already flown away

But, what would happen if she is interested in a boy and she knows that he likes her? In Why Not she invites him to go one step forward.

(So) Why not (why not)
Take a crazy chance
Why not (why not)
Do a crazy dance
If you lose the moment
You might lose a lot
So... why not
Why not

I think you will like this album, especially those who are teenagers. These are the song titles:

1. "Wake Up"
2. "The Getaway"
3. "Beat of My Heart"
4. "Come Clean" (Remix 2005)
5. "Mr. James Dean"
6. "So Yesterday"
7. "Metamorphosis"
8. "Rock This World" (Remix 2005)
9. "Break My Heart"
10. "Fly"
11. "Girl Can Rock" (Remix 2005)
12. "Our Lips Are Sealed"
13. "Why Not" (Remix 2005)

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