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Writing Tips (I)

Some people write because they need it to overcome an experience or to understand their reality. Other people just have a story to tell and they enjoy writing. This post is for the ones who belong to the second group.

When you start with the writing process you are not always in the same mood. Maybe you have a great story and begin to type words until you finish it. Well, that's really good but it may not happen always.

Your muse will visit you

Anyway, find a comfortable place: nice table, computer, notebook and pen, lighting, chair... Maybe you could play on music. Once you are settled, write your story. If you don't know what to write about, do some brainstorming and start writing anything comes to your mind. It doesn't matter if apparently it doesn't make sense, just write. Do it for a minute. When that minute has passed, revise what you have written. Do you find any information interesting for a story? If you think so, stick to it. If not, you can read the news and maybe you will come up with a hook. You can also go to a park and watch the people do. You can do this 3 activities during the following days until you find a start point. And write, write, write...

You could set the characters in a place you already know and do things you already have done or you usually do. For example, if you play cricket, one of your characters can play cricket. It will make your writing easier because you already know.

Help your muse

Research is important. If you character likes playing cricket and you want it to become a professional, talk to a coach and ask him/her about how they got to that employment, likes and dislikes, injuries, if he is a criket player o knows a professional... You can also read articles and books about cricket.

Write a structure. You can use this one: Crisis - Obstacles - Climax - Consequences.
- CRISIS: Introduce the main character and his/her life. Everything is going a usual until there is something which interrupts it. A boy is playing cricket at school and is enjoying it. One day he meets a cricket player, they have a chat and the player tells him that he has to do his best so in 3 months time he can have a test to enter a team.
- OBSTACLES: It will not be a very easy period for the boy. He will find some obstacles: he can get injured, his parent don't want him to enter a team...
- CLIMAX: Will he do it?
- END: His life has changed and he is more mature now.

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