Friday, 22 July 2011

It's Friday!

Some time ago, I read there was a girl, whose name is Rebecca Black, was very known because of her song Friday. I looked for it on YouTube and I listened to that song.

The lyrics are fine for people who are learning English as a foreign language becasue they will learn the week-day names and its order. An example: "Yesterday was Thursday. Today it is Friday. (...) Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards". However, for those people who has more knoledge in English, will not find a fantastic story inside that song. The music is a bit catchy but the lyrics are not good. I guess that is why I have found a lot of parodies of this song on YouTube.

I have found a funny video. What would say Hitler after hearing Friday?

Enjoy this Friday and remember that tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards.


© Crisfusterber

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