Tuesday, 25 September 2012

How to Use Twitter for Journalists and Newsrooms


Twitter Best Practices for Journalists and Newsrooms is a study in which more than 150 journalists have take taken part. The study is divided in 4 parts (recommendations):

      1. Tweet your beat. A journalist who posts a certain number tweets in a short period of time, can see a relevant increase of followers.
      2. Use hashtags. #Hastags are important so readers can know better its context and engage themselves to the account.
      3. Share what you’re reading. A good tweet with an URL included make the manager account influence its followers and build a certain confidence and engagement.
      4. @Cite your sources. As journalists practices, they cite their sources. @Mentions are useful because of the reconginition of the authors' informations. In addition, the Twitter acount may have a growth of followers.

Read the study by clicking here.

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