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Spellbound by Jane Green

Being True To Oneself

A few years ago I read Spellbound in Spanish. It was the first novel I read of Jane Green and I enjoyed it. This month I ordered it in English through Amazon and have read it again. And, once again, it was an ejoyable reading.


Alice Chambers is a woman who has everything in her life: a handsome husband, a very nice house, expensive clothes and she does not need to work at all just to use her time to keep beautiful and go to clubs and parties. But she is not happy.

Joe Chambers, her husband, is a womenizer and one day is caught at work so he's transfered from London to New York. They both hope is a fresh start. In fact, Alice gets a house in the country but the absences of her husband start again. Should she keep pretending being blind about their marriage?

The couple

Alice is 30 years old and doesn't expect a man like Joe could set eyes on a woman like her. But Joe saw a malleable person who could become a trophy wife.

[...] She was sweet, and she was grateful, which in turn made Joe feel generous and kind, rather like a benefactor. She didn't expect anything of him other than his company, and when he gave her what she wanted she seemed in a state of permanent disbelief that he would be with a girl like her. [...]

[...] Plus, he realized very quickly that Alice had a huge amount of potential. She was a lovely girl, she could cook fantastically, she'd definitely look after him, and it wouldn't take much to make her look a whole hell of a lot better. With a diet, a decent hairdresser and a new wardrove, she'd be a whole new woman by the time he'd finished with her. [...]

Alice is always ready for her husband. She goes to parties she hates, meets shallow people, dresses as Joe wants her to do and her hair is straight and blonde instead of her curly and natural color.

Joe, on the other hand, is happier than Alice, even though he invents excuses for being late or gives Alice presents because he feels guilty.

[...] Alice has become used to walking into restaurants, parties, events, alone. She has perfected the art of small talk, of wearing a serene smile on her face at all times to hide her discomfort and awkwardness. [...]

[...] This is not the life Alice imagined herself leading. This is not the marriage Alice imagined herself to have. And Joe is not the knight in shining armour she had once thought. [...]

When they move to New York, Alice gets lucky when they buy a house in the country in Connecticut. She is happy because that was what she has dreamt all her life: she loves living in the country and taking care of the house and the garden.

For Joe, he hates de country but finds himself comfortable living in New York. Will he start flirting with women or will he remain (this time) faithful to his wife?

Alice rediscovers her true self

Being in the country makes Alice (36) happy and finds the old Alice she lost when she married Joe.

[...] She thought back to their life in London, a life that seemed a million years away, and remembered how very unhappy she had been. Her life's mission had been to make Joe happy, but in doing so, she had suppressed her own desires so much she had forgotten who she was. [...]

Read this book

I recommend this book to all women, especially those who think have lost themselves in a relationship or in a job and want to recover their energy and continue the dream they had before the chose the wrong way.

[...] Alice was lucky because she discovered her true self before it was too late. She rediscovered her dream and was able to live it. [...]

I also recommend it to people who don't need to work at all or have a lot of spare time and get bored. In the novel you'll be able to see that you can keep yourselves busy if you really want to.

Those people who like cooking and gardening will also like this novel.

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