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The Woman who Stole my Life by Marian Keyes

The Woman who Stole my Life
Title: The Woman who Stole my Life
Author: Marian Keyes
Published by Michael Joseph and Penguin Group


Stella Sweeney is waiting in her car in a traffic jam. She let a Range Rover got into the lane just so she will get something good in return the karma way. But her deed got her into a car accident. Nevertheless, her life changed that day which would transform her from an ordinary woman who works at a salon into a famous writer.

Some characters

  • Stella Sweeney. She is the main character whose life changes completely. She is married with Ryan and they have two children: Betsy and Jeffrey. She becomes the author of One Blink at a Time
  • Ryan. He is an artist, not the one he would like to be, and he thinks Stella is the woman who stole his life because she becomes succesful.
  • Mannix Talyor. He is a handsome neurologist who has an important role in Stella's and Ryan's life.
  • Karen. She is the sister of Stella. She has her feet on the ground and helps Stella as much as she can do.
  • Gilda. She is the nutritionist and personal trainer of Stella when she has to move from DublĂ­n to New York City.


Stella is the narrator who tells the story in first person. She tells her story from the present but the reader gets to know more and more about her thanks to the flashbacks.


The main subject is Love: love between woman and man and love from mother to children. But Marian Keyes also talks about other subjects, such as survival, lolalty, success and failure...

Personal opinion

The Woman Who Stole My Life by Marian Keyes is a book I have enjoyed a lot. Once again, I have laughed and also I have been shocked.

It was quite interesting how the author uses the flashbacks and the reader puts the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in order to get the full picture of the story.

I usually like Marian Keyes' books and this is not exception. I recommend it to you.

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